International Round Table – 20.11.2015 – Turning Suspicion into Evidence

It was a great pleasure to organise the International Round Table on:

Preventing & Combating Human Trafficking

Turning Suspicion into Evidence

Challenging Current Policy and Justice Responses of Human Trafficking & Labour Exploitation

The International Round Table was held on 20 November 2015 at Catamaran – Austrian Trade Union Federation ÖGB, Johann-Böhm-Platz 1, Vienna.

Experts, Policy Makers, Researchers and Practitioners have discussed and challenged Risk Factors, Prevention Strategies and Procurement Procedures as well as Criminal Justice and Policy Responses and Approaches with regard to (Severe Forms of) Labour exploitation and Human Trafficking for Labour exploitation, and have provided Expertise and Know-how for more effective Solutions, including Trial Monitoring.

For more information about this event please download our:

Draft Agenda

Panelists, Commentators, Experts, Researchers, Practitioners List

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Prof. Khatarina Beclin – University of Vienna

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Professor Kirsten Foots’s recently published book: Collaborating Against Human Trafficking: Cross-Sector Challenges and Practices.

LINK Powerpoint Presentation: CAHT overview RII

The book is available via many bookstores and online booksellers, including directly from the publisher here:
There is a 30% discount for anyone who enters 4F15CAHT in the discount code box on the publisher’s webform for the book.
All royalties from this book go to nonprofits dedicated to facilitating cross-sector collaboration to end human trafficking.

International Round Table – 25.09.2015 – Organ Removal

International Round Table – 25 September 2015 – Vienna

Health and Gender Aspects and Implications of Human Trafficking
Organ Removal and Establishment of Health Focal Points

It was a great pleasure to organise the International Round Table on ‘Health and Gender Aspects and Implications of Human Trafficking – Organ Removal and Establishment of Health Focal Points’ that was hold in Vienna on 25 September 2015 in the framework of the ‘Regional Implementation Initiative 2015’.

As of 2007, a conservative estimate was that 5% of the approximately 100,000 organs transplanted annually were derived from exploiting the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.* Anti-trafficking efforts including domestic laws have since contributed to a modest reduction, though not to the elimination, of this harmful practice. How can we better engage medical professional societies to collaborate with governments and others in combating organ sales, tranplant tourism, and trafficking in human organs? 

As participation of the medical field in the fight against human trafficking is limited to and dependent on those actively engaged in NGOs and governments, we would like to raise awareness throughout the entire medical field and discuss the setting up of national Focal Points where health professionals can seek out information and help when dealing with victims of human trafficking. 

Renowned international experts from OSCE, Council of Europe, NGOs, Law enforcement, Universities etc. will provided expertise and practice-oriented know how, and discussed with participants good and bad practice examples as well as possible sustainable Solutions.

For a detailed overview and informations on this International Round Table please download our:

International Round Table Agenda

Panelists, Commentators, Experts, Researchers, Practitioners List

For the PRESS TV Report follow this link

For every question regarding our initiative please write at:


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ASSESSMENT TOOLKIT – Trafficking in Persons for the Purpose of Organ Removal, UNODC, 2015


Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, UNODC, 2014


Data and info on trafficking in persons for organ removal on pages: 5, 9, 16, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 62, 68, 72, 78.


Report/Occasional Paper: Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Organ Removal in the OSCE Region: Analysis and Findings, 9 July 2013



The Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 9 July 2014.



The HOTT-Project (new study added!):

Combating trafficking in persons for the purpose of organ removal


Publication of research results and recommendations:
The book starts with a foreword by Prof. Scheper-Hughes and a literature review (Chapter I). This is followed by an interview study on patients who purchased kidney transplants abroad (Chapter II), an empirical study of prosecuted criminal cases (Chapter III), recommendations to improve non-legislative responses (Chapter IV) and indicators for law enforcement, transplant professionals and victim support workers to identify the crime (Chapter V).

Download the Project Book by clicking the link: HOTT_Project book_2016

EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR)



Women´s Health Program of the City of Vienna



Brochure: Recommendations for the Establishment of National Focal Points


4th ELPAT Congress on Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects of Organ Transplantation

The Regional Implementation Initiative on Preventing & Combating all Forms of Trafficking in Human Beings would like to share the announcement of the 4th ELPAT Congress, a special conference for professionals in the field of organ donation and transplantation addressing ethical, legal, and psychosocial aspects, which will take place 22-25 April 2016 in the Angelicum Congress Centre, Rome, Italy.

We find it interesting in that it addresses all other aspects of transplantation: ethical, legal, and psychosocial. Experts from all over the world will express their views on overcoming global transplant challenges.

For more information about the congress please follow the link: