About Research Platform

The Human Trafficking Research Platform.NET (established in 2012 under the framework of the Regional Implementation Initiative) is intended to open a space for exchange of experience and ideas with relevant public and private stakeholders in the field of anti-trafficking. It is used as online debate forum on the issue of human trafficking and related areas with a view to encouraging and generating critical commentary and analysis on the issue at large that goes beyond replication of conventional myths and stereotypes.

The discussions and dialogue between and among researches, experts, policy-makers and practitioners from various disciplines and perspectives shall facilitate deeper and innovative understanding of the problem and generate more evidence-based knowledge within a human rights framework. The hoped-for outcome of this initiative – in line with enhanced (joint) evidence-based research endeavors – will in the long run lead to innovative approaches and responses to the complex problem of human trafficking and consequently trigger more efficient, effective and sustainable programmes and counter measures. The Human Trafficking Research Platform.NET may also serve as a learning tool for young researchers.

The Human Trafficking Research Platform.NET provides space for:
–  Debates
–  Reviews and Scrutiny of Publications, Articles,   Reports, Policy papers, Programmes,  Laws etc.
–  Abstracts, Issue papers, Fact checker etc.
–  Comments on Posts
–  Links to other relevant Websites

For information on past events (Dialogue Forum) please refer to the page Previous Activities. For more information on how to join the Human Trafficking Research Platform.NET please contact helga.konrad@graz26.at