International Round Tables – 29.09.2017 & 24.11.2017

It was with great pleasure that we organized our International Round Table:

International Round Table:

Re-branding Human Trafficking. The Interface of Migration, Human Trafficking and Slavery


29 September 2017 – 09.00 – 18.00 

Haus der Europäischen Union, Wipplingerstraße 35, Vienna

Organized by the Regional Implementation Initiative on Preventing & Combating Human Trafficking 2017 and in cooperation with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, CEIPA, Act.Now and Menschenrechtsstadt Wien, supported by Austrian Federal Ministers for Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection and for Women and Health.


This time we explored in depth the links between Human Trafficking, Migration and Slavery. Renowned experts, practitioners, researchers and stakeholders analyzed and discussed issues such as:

  • Is the worldwide fight against human trafficking in danger of turning into inefficient pottering due to tight migration policies?
  • Do we have to accept Human Trafficking and Restrictions of Human Rights as Collateral Damage of the Refugee/Migration Crisis?
  • Reconsider Human Trafficking and Slavery. Conceptual Limits and States’ Positive Obligations in European Law 
  • Understanding the Effects and Consequences of Policies, Interests, Agendas behind the different Concepts including Moneypulation
  • Human Trafficking for Labour exploitation, Slavery, Servitude, Forced labour – What has Pet-food in Switzerland to do with Human Trafficking, and Shrimp Consumed in Europe with Slavery in Thailand?
  • The ‘Feminization of Migration‘ and its Impact on Human Trafficking
  • Where have all the Children gone?…and when will we ever learn?
  • Lessons learnt from Health Screening of Migrants for Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking

We also provided in depth information and insight into the complex crime of human trafficking as well as developed (more) innovative and (more) effective responses to the problem at large.

For more information about this event please download our:

Final Agenda

Panelists, Commentators, Experts, Researchers, Practitioners List

You can also watch the video of the livestream here or on Youtube by clicking the following link: (brought you by Act.Now)


Here are some photos from our event, made by the Staff of Act.Now

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Related Notes, Documents, Background Info & Links:

For some useful Background Info and Contributions regarding our Round Table, please consult the following documents:


David Reisenden propose as ways Forward:

„Joint Deployments of Border Guards and (Child Trafficking) Experts of NGOs and IOs at the border crossings points” have proven most effective and should be further developed.

István Szilard:

Ruth-Gaby Vermot-Mangold:

Der Umgang mit Menschenhandel im Asyl :die Praxis der Schweiz auf dem Prüfstand” von März 2017 in Bern.

Mona Chamass: Comité contre l’Esclavage moderne

Round Table on 24 November 2017 in Vienna, City Hall: EUSDR Priority Area 10/Vienna Administration

Danube Cities against Human Trafficking (D-CAHT)

Preventing & Combating Human Trafficking and Exploitation at the Local Level- Strengthening Cooperation and Coordination



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Keynotes and Expert Contributions:
Mike Dottridge, Independent Expert/Consultant, UK: Power Point Presentation and Summary
Marc Van den Reck, ’The Smile of the Child’, Greece: Summary of Presentation
Stefano Volpicelli, Trainer & Researcher, Italy: Summary of Presentation

Enrico Ragaglia, Project Manager, ICMPD: TRAM Project

Vera Gracheva, Independant Expert, Moscow: Presentation of NGO ‚Alternative/Social Society Movement‘
Guidelines for Municipalities: Stepping up Local Action Against Human Trafficking, developed in the framework of CBSS

City council of Barcelona,  The team of the Unity Against Trafficking in Humans Beings